National Strategic Initiative on Precision Medicine:
2019 − 2023

Target within 5 years

20-year roadmap in Genomics Thailand

Stage 1: The foundation of integrative medical genomics

To establish the prototype of human genome database based on 10,000 Thai individuals and the systemic prototype of pharmacogenomics for RDU

Stage 2: The genomic medicine and service implementation

To launch the genetic testing service empowered by the NGS technology, for example, the estimation of genetic risk factors to develop breast cancer, the drug response prediction by testing 100 pharmacogenes, and the efficient digital genomic database to support clinical services.

Stage 3: The best practice of genomic medicine: guidelines development

To establish the clinical guidelines for making use of genomic data for various applications involved in precision medicine and to provide the genomic tests for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Stage 4: The regulatory framework development

To provide the policy and legislation for protecting the privacy of human DNA samples and the results of DNA analysis.

Stage 5: The Genomics Literacy

To enable a cross-platform analysis of different genomics datasets, i.e., between human and microbe to dissect the complex traits and genetic diseases