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Examples - Gene: PCSK9, Transcript: ENST00000407236, Variant: 22-46615880-T-C, Multi-allelic variant: rs1800234, Region: 22:46615715-46615880

About ExAC

  The Exome Aggregation Consortium (ExAC) is a coalition of investigators seeking to aggregate and harmonize exome sequencing data from a wide variety of large-scale sequencing projects, and to make summary data available for the wider scientific community. The data set provided on this website spans 60,706 unrelated individuals sequenced as part of various disease-specific and population genetic studies. The ExAC Principal Investigators and groups that have contributed data to the current release are listed here. All data here are released under a Fort Lauderdale Agreement for the benefit of the wider biomedical community - see the terms of use here.